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isomaker - Creates a morphix base or morphix main module, using template files


isomaker -b basemod.xml [-c] [-m mainmod.xml] [-m mainmod2.xml] [[-r repository [-p package1] [-p package2]] [-t tarball] output.iso


This tool uses mmaker to generate a Morphix iso from scratch, using one basemodule template, and arbitrary number of mainmodule templates and optionally extra dpkg-deb-extracted deb/udeb packages


-b basemod.xml
Base module template used to build output.iso
Clean temporary directories.
-m mainmod.xml
Main module template to include in output.iso
-r repository

Specify repository for deb/udeb packages to include on iso

-p package1
Packages to be included on iso
-t tarball
tarball to be included on iso.
-g tarball.tar.gz
Use a local debian bootstrap, rather than download from repository.


In order for the live CD to actually be bootable, add the following packages, using the morphix udeb archive (-r

  • grub-gfxboot-iso-udeb
  • morphix-grub-menulist-udeb
  • morphix-iso-grubtheme

Additional udebs (you probably want them)

  • morphix-cdrom-misc-udeb

isomaker currently doesn't remove the working directories automatically, unless -c is used. do a rm -rf /tmp/libmorphix* afterwards to clean up… ($TEMP/libmorphix* if TEMP set)

Your kernel needs to be able to loop-mount filesystems modprobe loop before building to enable this, if loop is compiled as a module


Build a Morphix LiveCD with a single command
isomaker -b ../templates/basemod-2.6.12-morphest.xml -r -p grub-gfxboot-iso-udeb -p morphix-cdrom-misc-udeb -p morphix-grub-menulist-udeb -p morphix-iso-grubtheme -g /home/ftp/autobuilds/debootstrap.tar.gz /home/ftp/autobuilds/$BUILDNAME-$BUILDTIME.iso


Needs to be run as root or via sudo. So has security implications.


Morphix is a modular-based liveCD, designed to be easy to modify. The package morphing-tools and morphix-mmaker contains tools to help modify and build morphix-based LiveCDs.


Dont panic. If you find one, report it to us, but please make sure you have read all of the documentation first. We have assumed that you have cloop device and have installed the packages morphing-tools and morphix-mmaker.


Written by Alex de Landgraaf and other Morphix developers. Morphix web site. Browse cvs repository[] and cvs mailing lists for full list of developers and patches submitted.

This man page was written by Brendan Sleight using asciidoc


addtoiso, install2mainmod, isomaker, isomorph, make-iso, make-mini, minimod-gen, mmaker, module-builder, module-extractor, morphmini