Fast Introduction to building your own Morphix based livecd

Really Fast Introduction

  • Get a Morphix Base iso
  • Add "deb unstable/" to your /etc/apt/source.list
  • apt-get update ; apt-get install morphing-tools
  • Edit mymainmod.xml
  • mmaker mymainmod.xml myprograms.mod
  • make-iso /path/source myfirstlivecd.iso

Fast Introduction


  • Use a Debian based Linux distro [preferably Debian sid, aka unstable, but every recent one should do]
  • Get a morphix based .iso [or better: just a base .iso, preferably a stable one atm, like 0.5-pre5 or an autobuilded base .iso]
  • Open a root terminal [su -, you get the point]
  • mount -t iso9660 -o loop nameoftheisoyoudownloaded.iso /mnt/whatever
  • cp -a /mnt/whatever/* /path/to/the/extracted/stuff [like /scratch/iso]

Setting up the build environment

  • Add "deb unstable/" to your /etc/apt/source.list
  • apt-get update
  • apt-get install morphing-tools

Creating your own mainmodule

  • See this manual about mmaker for building an .xml file describing your mainmodule, which will basically be your system
  • If you're done with the .xml file [e.g., mymainmod.xml], type "mmaker mymainmod.xml myprograms.mod" or whatever you like to name them

Building an .iso out of it

  • Now, remove the files in /scratch/iso/mainmod
  • Copy/move your myprograms.mod into /scratch/iso/mainmod
  • make-iso /scratch/iso myfirstlivecd.iso
  • Done. Burn to cd with your favorite burn program or run with "qemu -cdrom myfirstlivecd.iso" in the qemu emulator, for example

More advanced stuff

If you manually modify some stuff in /tmp/libmorphix-<randomsequence> (e.g., /tmp/libmorphix-9oVKWq) , you have to use the following command to recompress the mainmod: "module-builder /tmp/libmorphix-9oVKWq aquamorph_20051120a.mod" (or whatever you want to call the mainmodule).