Morphix tools

A number of commandline tools and scripts are provided in order to help you morph. You can find all of these in the Morphix repository, see for details.

- module-builder (morphix-modulebuilder) Constructs a module from a directory

- module-extractor (morphix-moduleextractor) Extracts files from a module to a directory

- make-iso (morphix-make-iso) Creates a bootable ISO from a directory, detects multiple base versions.

- isomorph (morphix-isomorph) Lists modules on an ISO, adds or removes modules from an ISO, and more!

- mmaker (morphix-mmaker) Creates a base or main module, using template files. Examples are in /usr/share/mmaker/templates. See and documentation in /usr/share/doc/mmaker for details.

- isomaker (morphix-mmaker) Creates an iso, using one or more mmaker template files. See documentation in /usr/share/doc/mmaker for details.

- make-mini (morphix-mmaker) Commandline tool for building homedir and language minimodules.

- install2mainmod (morphix-install2mainmod) Converts a running hdd install into a mainmodule.

- minimod-gen (morphix-minimodgen) Provides a commandline interface for building simple minimodules.

- addtoiso (morphix-addtoiso) Add file to an iso, without having to copy the file all within the image

- morphix-rebrand (morphix-rebrand) This script Re-brands a Morphix CD image using a single graphics file.