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Compiled by Brendan M. Sleight, aka bmsleight. Using documents from many sources and help from many people. The source file to generate this manual in in the morphix cvs /how_tos/morphix_docbook.txt

Thanks to Thanks to aquatix for the Fast introductions.

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Feel free to edit it, post patches or diffs.

Writing in XML is not easy for mortals like myself, but I wanted to use a docbook as it's the correct format. To get around this problem, I have used a text file and asciidoc to generate the xml and then the html. Their is a simple script containing the commands used for conversion.


The xmlto html occasionally may fail if your syntax is wrong in text file, but this is quite rare. Alas no one can avoid death and (syn)taxes.

See for information on the wonderful application asciidoc.