HowTo: Building a new LiveCD in two commands

Setting up the build environment

  • Add "deb unstable/" to your /etc/apt/source.list
  • apt-get update
  • apt-get install morphing-tools

Getting the Templates and main Graphics File

Two Commands

Run isomaker then morphix-rebrand (The magic two commands)

  • isomaker -b ./basemod-2.6.15.xml -m ./morphix-livekiosk.xml -n ./MorphixMini-KioskSetting.xml -n ./MorphixMini-NonFree-Java.xml -n MorphixMini-NonFree-FlashPlugin.xml -r -p grub-gfxboot-iso-udeb -p morphix-cdrom-misc-udeb -p morphix-grub-menulist-udeb -p morphix-iso-grubtheme ./morphix-livekiosk.iso
  • morphix-rebrand ./morphix-livekiosk.iso ./MorphixLiveKiosk.iso ./MorphixLiveKiosk.png

Volia One LiveCD

Isomaker can take about 45 minutes to run. Morphix-rebrand about 2 minutes.

After this fun you should have a bootable LiveCD

Boot Menu

Rebranded Grub Menu

Boot-Up Screen

Rebranded Boot Splash

Or if you press F2

Rebranded Boot Splash Backround

X-Background / Wallpaper

Should be the same as the Graphics file.

Rebranded Boot Splash Backround